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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why doesn’t my school come up in the search?

A. There are two reasons that your school may not come up in the search.

Either (a) you have misspelt the school’s name or (b) the school is not registered.

  • (a) If you know the postcode then you can search by that, or if your school has Saint in the name, try leaving that out and just search for the rest of the name.
  • (b) If this is the case then we advise you to check with your school directly.

Q. Why do you have a search facility and not a full list?

A. During times of really bad weather we may have hundreds of schools closed in our area. Because of that we have decided, rather than have a huge page that you have to scroll through, we would have a search function. You can still access a full list here if you would prefer.

Q. I’ve noticed a mistake with a school’s details, who do I contact?

A. If you are a senior member of staff then please follow the login link in the email we originally sent you. In addition to adding school closures, you can edit your details.

Q. I’ve noticed a school is ‘open’, but it is actually shut, who do I contact?

A. If you are senior a member of staff please click on the login link in our registration email. This will take you to the calendar page where you can change the status of your school from Open to Closed or Partially Closed.

Q. I’m a senior member of staff and I’ve lost my registration email, how to I get another one?

A. Please contact Radio Aire on 0113 2835600 and someone will be able to resend the email to you.